Vince Meagher


Vince Meagher




Having completed over 400 major home renovation projects in Toronto since our inception, we understand that when it comes to renovations it is not just about dollars and cents. We have created an invaluable toolbox of subcontractors, vendors, and industry professionals which are able to help no matter what the project consists of - from a basement apartment all the way up to a 6,000 square foot home. Not to mention, our in-house team of renovation consultants, project managers, and crew members provide an unmatched attention to detail that is needed for successful major renovation projects.

Located in Toronto, we also offer a complete one-stop shop of value-added services to help you build or renovate your dream home! From architectural and designer services to getting building permits for your project and financial or investor services, to home management and renovation rebate services after the renovations are complete - right on over to helping you source a wide range of materials and products from our network of suppliers - we are here with you every step of your renovation journey.

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